Greetings LJrs

I've not posted anything in almost a year - basically since I defended. I'm not sure who's even reading this anymore, tbh.

A lot's changed in the last year. My parents have met the boyfriend and ask about him, I'm working as a scientist at a start-up where I consult for pharmas and biotech, I'm finally getting my groove back in the gym (after it all fell apart a year ago as I was gearing up to defend). I also have a nephew, who's already 6 months and is shockingly cute.

My thesis is now available on MIT's DSpace and yet we're still having trouble getting one of my paper's out. This leaves the hooks from my old lab still firmly attached to my soul. It's sad. But my work environment at my company is so positive - it's hard to overlook how much I'm liking that part of my life right now. In any case, come June 6 and 7 I will have my doctoral hood and degree in print (even though I had the phd completed on August 17).

And things have really started changing for me in terms of my other relationships. My friends from grad school are disseminating and it's hard, for me, to be losing so many at once. I've had numerous friends relocate to SF to Stanford/UCSF/Berkeley. One of my closest friends is new faculty at caltech and leaving boston very soon.

Right now I'm still planning on heading to law school and eventually working in biotech IP. This is really deserving of its own post because I already got an offer in this space and ultimately turned it down. But when I do the math I cannot ignore that the opportunity cost is close to 1M USD. Dafuq was I thinking?

I guess if anyone wants to know what's up with me, ask in comments. I miss LJ. =(

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The deed is done.

I successfully defended my thesis. I'm now a PhD.

Well, once I turn in the documents it will be more official, but I have the thesis defense forms signed saying I successfully passed.

And my parents got to meet my boyfriend. On the same day. What a rush.

oh lordy jesus, we are 2 days until submission

Got comments back on my thesis in its current version from my PI. MINOR changes to all but 1 chapter.

It's going to be a bit of a mystery how to squeeze the last data chapter together, but I'm not unhappy at the moment. It's still going to come down to the wire, but I might get out of this without a heart attack.


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Dear recruiter: You were very nice today. What I do not understand is that if my resume says "spring defense" how can you ask me if I can start February 1? Am I the unreasonable one?

Also, if you cannot determine by my resume that I have a bioinformatics background, then perhaps you should not be recruiting for said position.



I can still do them.

So, I haven't been posting very much anymore.

Here's what's up. I'm hoping to finish my PhD in the Spring. That may become early Summer but I'm hoping it doesn't.

So the question of, "what next?" is on my mind.

I've been applying for jobs in a few different industries.
(1) Patent / Intellectual Property
-- I've been looking into working a technology specialist; writing patents, and other aspects of the patent prosecution process. The upshot is that these law firms, that have these positions, pay for their technology specialists to go law school, so after a year I'd start a law student around here.

(2) Bioinformatics positions
There seem to be no lack of these positions in the area, and they seem to have some nice compensation aspects. The work is very much related to what I did in my thesis, so this has been productive.

(3) Scientific Consulting
I got my first full-time offer today to head up the computational biology component for a MIT-oriented scientific consulting firm. There's a lot to consider about this position (I've done some consulting for them in the past) but it's looking pretty good. I have one month to get back to them, but they are being super accommodating about start date. It seems like a cool position, but... I don't know, this is a young startup and this is going to be a ton of [fun] work.

and then it became a maybe

the firm that rejected me didn't reject me; I seem to have an interview with them.


coulda sworn that was a no they sent me.

i am long overdue for a full report but i've gotten out of the habit of writing about work. I regret it terribly and will, ideally, fix it. ideally.